The University of Chicago welcomes students, faculty, other academic personnel, staff, and visitors with disabilities and works collaboratively to provide accommodations appropriate to need and circumstance.

Campus accessibility

欧美观看免费全部完,女朋友太紧根本进不去,午夜男女爽爽影院,67194免费观看网站 Information regarding accessible buildings and routes on campus is available on the website. Please note that while the routes depicted are usable by most people, they may not be in full compliance with all federal accessibility standards. The University is continuing to make improvements to these routes and is working in conjunction with the City of Chicago to identify City-controlled areas in need of improvement. Ongoing construction projects or street repairs may also temporarily limit accessibility. The University updates the campus map as frequently as possible to reflect construction detours, but the University also encourages you to review the status of .

Should you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for improving accessibility on any of the routes depicted on this map, please contact Facilities Services at 773.834.1414 or

Website accessibility

欧美观看免费全部完,女朋友太紧根本进不去,午夜男女爽爽影院,67194免费观看网站 The main University of Chicago website has been built with accessibility in mind. The site is designed to provide a rich experience for users of both traditional browsers as well as assistive browsing technologies and mobile devices. Pages in the new site have been tested against a variety of web accessibility guidelines including Section 508 and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 level AA.

If you have web accessibility questions, comments, or suggestions concerning the website, please visit our website feedback page.